Get Your Morning on the Right Track with Your Own Soundtrack

Tackle your morning tardiness with a new playlist.

Don’t let your morning routine make you late any more. Daily Infographic and Apartment Therapy have a great idea to help you get out the door on time to start your day: Make a morning playlist.

Your morning playlist will help you organize your time and keep you on schedule for your day. Determine how much time you have between the time your alarm wakes you up and the time you need to be out the door and compile a playlist that lasts that long.

After just a few days with the new playlist, you will know if you are running behind schedule if you are feeding the dog, and Tupac’s California Love is already playing. You may need to eat a little faster is Stairway to Heaven is almost over. Just be sure you make it out the door before that last beat of Eye of the Tiger.

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